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Parc Onsite Manager


Dave Ogden, Parc Onsite Manager.

Contact at:

Tel. 801-643-1512

  • Dryer Vents - Just as a reminder, we should all have our dryer vents cleaned and maintained on regular basis to prevent a potential fire hazard. If your dryer vents have not been cleaned this year, or even at all, please seriously consider getting this taken care of just as soon as possible. Dave Ogden can do this or he said that Sears can also clean the dryer vents.

  • Drains - Drains / Garbage Disposals have been somewhat of a problem, due to people putting various items down drains and in garbage disposals, that could otherwise be better disposed, in order to avoid clogging the drainage system. Please put as few items as possible down your garbage disposals, and down kitchen sinks. Coffee grounds, oil, and several other items have been large contributing factors in major plumbing issues here as of late, so if we can please be more diligent in better disposing of these items, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Outside Charcoal and or Propane Grills - Are prohibited to be on any balcony, and should only be located on a ground level surface, with at least being a good 25 feet from the building. If you have a grill out on your balcony, it is advised that you relocate it to a more appropriate and safe location. (The Insurance Inspector was just here doing his yearly inspection, and viewed some outside grills on some balconies, and noted the violation in his findings report)

  • Thermostats  If you want to install new thermostats in your unit, please have Dave check the wire connections. If the new thermostat is not properly connected it may accrue overage charges for the homeowner. 

  • NEW: 2019 Window Cleaning dates (Update):

                - APR 1 8&19 (spring)

                - OCT 7&8 (fall)

 Owners should remove bug screens from windows beforehand.


If you have any questions about any of these issues, please contact Dave Ogden. at 801-643-1512

Lost & Found

If you have lost an item at the Parc, please contact:

Dave Ogden (Onsite Maintenance Manager): 801-643-1512


MaintenanceTips for Parc Residents

 Printable Guide of what not to put down your Garbage Disposal