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             Parc HOA Annual Meeting, November 18, 2019

                            Presentation Program in 

                                     PDF Format


             Fifth Floor Terrace Painting Project Completed

The refurbishing project entailed the repairing cracks, resurfacing and coating the entire terrace. The prep work was done in August and the finish work, such as the coating/surface painting, was completed in early September, so that our residents could enjoy the terrace's nice new look when we celebrated our 2019 Parc at

Gateway Party on Saturday, September 7th.  As always, Dave Ogden's supervision made sure we got a brand new terrace for a very reasonable price in the mid 5-digits.  See pictures of finished project in pdf format 

 Details of new equal pay schedule for heating/cooling 

                                  March 2019

 Parc Building Painting  is complete, see details in attached document. _______________________________________


HOA Annual Meeting 

November 13, 2018

located in our club room on the 5th floor from 7 to 9 PM

Meeting Agenda in PDF format

Parc HOA is now a smoking free community as the

relevant ballot initiative passed with a clear majority. Seventeenth Amendment to Article 10 Section 10.21, Smoking and Drugs. Condominium Project is a Smoke Free Community.


News From the Neighborhood


Pioneer Park Coalition

Mission is to make Pioneer Park and the Rio Grande Neighborhood family friendly and inviting to all 24/7.  Visit their website for more information.